WickedWare – Partner in AI (Awesome & Innovative) Software

A commitment to wicked innovation and awesome aesthetics


through its extensive portfolio of past projects, has acquired substantial expertise in the following key areas:

Pre-Innovation Ideation for Organizations:

We assist organizations in conceptualizing and refining innovative ideas before they enter the development phase. Our collaborative approach ensures that these ideas align with strategic goals and market demands.

Innovation Track Setup and Management:

WickedWare provides comprehensive support in establishing and overseeing innovation initiatives within organizations. From defining processes to monitoring progress, we ensure seamless execution of innovation projects.

Research Process Management:

Our team effectively manages research processes within organizations. Whether it’s market research, user studies, or technology assessments, we streamline data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Full Software Development Lifecycle Support:

WickedWare offers end-to-end support for the SDLC; from talent acquisition to final product delivery. Specifically, we excel in the following phases:

    -> Analysis (Use Cases):

     We meticulously analyze requirements, user needs, and business objectives to lay a solid foundation for development.

    -> Daily Software Team Management:

     Our experienced team oversees day-to-day operations, ensuring efficient collaboration, task allocation, and progress tracking.

   -> UI/UX Development:

     WickedWare crafts intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces, enhancing user experiences across applications.

   -> Quality Assurance (QA) Testing:

     Rigorous testing procedures validate the functionality, security, and reliability of software products.

Specialization in Talent Acquisition from Africa:

Our unique strength lies in identifying and securing dependable talent from the African continent. We understand the nuances of the African tech landscape and connect organizations with skilled professionals who contribute to successful project outcomes.